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Sanity · is · overrated

...Men love in haste, but they detest at leisure

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For the last month, my cat Smoky (age 15) has not been well. She confined herself to the computer room and hasn't been eating that much. We've had to force her to eat. Additionally, she hasn't been very social.

Normally she is a very affectionate kitty who loves to sit in a lap and purr as loudly as she can. She'll even voice her enthusiasm by 'talking' to you as she is petted. The cat is the most affectionate animal I have ever seen - more affectionate than dogs even. However, now she doesn't purr that much. She'll purr softly and occasionally meow but it's barely above a whisper. She doesn't try to climb on a lap, she'll walk closer but that's it.

Lately, she can't find the strength to walk. She's become so frail...

Today, I discovered a troubling thing about Smoky. She isn't cleaning herself. I found a chunk of dried shit on her ass. Smoky, as most cats was obsessive with cleaning herself.

I don't think she is happy anymore. I'm not sure if she is in pain, but I can see that she is ashamed. I don't think it's fair to let her suffer like this, so tonight I'm going to talk to my parents about putting her to sleep. She deserves to die with some dignity.
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So close... today I have my bioanthropology and art history final. I'm nervous about bioanthropology because this is 60% of my grade. I have an A now, but it could crumble with this test. No pressure, right? x.X

My final grade for literary interpretation is up. B. Not too bad considering how lazy I was with it. I read probably 50% of the stories I was suppose to read... Heh...

I'm positive I aced my history of rock & roll exam. *crosses fingers for an A*.

My final projects for digital art are finished. My Sweeney Todd self portrait poster was too big to fit on my flash drive so I'm hoping they'll be able to print it off of a DVD. I hope that'll work out later today.

I also have my art history final today. I'm not too worried about that though. Art history is one of my best fields. Sometimes I wonder if I should just be an art history major. *shrug* Who knows what life throws at me.

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ACen badge came yesterday!!!!!


Also, I found the perfect boots for Van!! *moar confetti!*

I should be able to get away with not having the gloves... I mean, he didn't wear the gloves all the time.


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... it's time for me to start my own cosplays! =D

I found the perfect wig for King Van (from Escaflowne). I'm not on my own computer so I can't post the picture, but it does require a bit of cutting. His costume isn't difficult - a red vest shirt, cream pants, a few brown belts, creme ties on the shirt and a sword (the difficult part). I would like the finish this costume before Halloween then display the cosplay at Ohayocon. I'm a little tempted to make a small Hitomi doll to carry with me, but that'll have to wait. I wish I could do the wings, but I think it would be too difficult. D=

The other costume I want to do is Seto Kaiba. One of my friends is planning a Yugi cosplay and another is thinking about cosplaying as Yugi's grandpa... whatever his name was. XD. I'm not sure which one of his outfits I want to make. Well, I have plenty of time to wait I guess. My friend doing the Yugi cosplay is waiting until ACen to showcase her awesomeness so I may as well.
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And it sucks for a photography student. They have a grand total of three photography classes. Fundamentals, Advanced Photography 2 and Advanced Photography 4. Yeah, apparently, if I wanted to take advanced photography 2 next semester I would need to buy a thousand dollar camera by January... yeah... I'm thinking no. I know I have to buy a digital camera someday, but I'm going to hold off on that until I absolutely have to. x.X

So, yeah, I'm thinking that next semester will be a general studies semester. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a large chunk of general studies out of the way so when I get down to Bloomington, I can concentrate on what I came to college for. Yeah, two years in college and I'll leave with one photography class. One. *sigh*

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So, I've been looking at the schedule of classes for Spring 2008. I'm thinking of General Geology, Bioanthropology, 14th-contemporary art history, music for the listener (music appreciation) and social psychology. I want to get a bunch of general studies out of the way before my transfer. Then again, I think I should wait until I talk to a representative in Bloomington before I make any decisions for spring. I know I really need to take two more science courses and art history for my major. (That and art history is awesome sauce!)
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Drawing Fundamentals I 1:30-4:15
Photography Fundamentals I 6:00-8:45

I started off the day by waking up late (noon ^^;; ). I took the quickest shower known to man, then I put my hair up in a ridiculous excuse for a ponytail. Then, I arrived at school only to realize that I did not bring an umbrella. Hoodies don't protect you from rain very well. Then I arrived at the Visual Arts building only to realize that I had also forgotten my schedule, so I have no idea where my class is. Luckily, Jackie from the Visual Communication and Design office was gracious enough to help me. The prof for my Drawing Fundamentals I class went over the syllabus, so you imagine how boring that was. The man said "In this class, you will depend on realism in your drawings; not imagination." I'm sitting there thinking "Well, I'm screwed." LOL. I tend to defy reality in my every day life. Ask any of my friends. DEFY! Lulz. Anyway, after my drawing class, I went with a few friends to United Art and Education for art supplies. I bought a new portfolio. It's cloth and has a shoulder strap. *luvs* Of course, carrying it may prove dangerous. I think I hit a few civilians with it. LOL. Anyway, I got into Photography Fundamentals I. This was the class I was looking forward to - being a Photography major. The professor seems like a nice guy, however, he also likes to draw things out. After explaining the syllabus (for two hours) he decides to throw in a quick History of Photography special. So... sleepy... Diet Coke does not help! Finally, I arrived home. My friends from Anime Club were going to see Stardust. However, being as exhausted as I was, I passed out. It wasn't a good day for me. x.X

Then, I woke up at 4 AM and couldn't go back to sleep. I am being fueled by Diet Coke as I type. Yeah... it's not even the second day of school for me and I'm already dead. x.X

I think this is an omen o.o
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depressed Ugh....
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My mother and I are going to Ohio to visit my grandmother, and my uncle. My uncle's cancer is returning, and the doctors don't think he can recover from it again...

The whole situation is frightening. I mean, after this weekend, there's a possibility that I'll never see him again. It scares me. Just typing about it is making my chest hurt. You know, I've never claimed to fear death, but with my uncle's health hanging in the balance, suddenly I'm terrified. It also makes me question whether I'm living my own life to the fullest. I should really start working on all the comics I had wanted. I'm constantly talking about comics, yet I rarely have finished pieces to show. ^^;;

Well, it feels good to get these things off my chest. I just hope I am strong when facing my uncle

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I registered for a few Fall 2007 classes. I'm taking Drawing I, Ancient thru Medieval Art and Photography Fundamentals. I still need to register for two more classes, and I'm hoping to take an online Biology course for the summer. I can't survive in a real science or math lecture. I'm not very sure what other classes to take during the semester. I'm thinking Religions of the East, Philosophy of Art, Children's Literature or an education course.
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My professor gave everyone a study guide with 70 words to define. On our tests, he gives us 9 words and we have to identify 5 of the 9. The 9 words can be any of the words on the 70 word list. I answered most of the definitions, with the exception of a handfull of words I couldn't identify. Guess which words were on my test?

I swear-80% of the words I couldn't find were on that damn test.

We also had to answer an essay question on either the French revolution or nationalism. I didn't remember the phases of the French Revolution so I decided to asnwer nationalism, only to discover that I barely knew anything about nationalism. Eep.

If I do bomb the test, I'll have to be sure to ace the next paper and the final. Blah.

On a separate note, spring... where did you go? ;_;

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