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Sanity · is · overrated

It's not even the second day of school and I'm already dead x.X

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Drawing Fundamentals I 1:30-4:15
Photography Fundamentals I 6:00-8:45

I started off the day by waking up late (noon ^^;; ). I took the quickest shower known to man, then I put my hair up in a ridiculous excuse for a ponytail. Then, I arrived at school only to realize that I did not bring an umbrella. Hoodies don't protect you from rain very well. Then I arrived at the Visual Arts building only to realize that I had also forgotten my schedule, so I have no idea where my class is. Luckily, Jackie from the Visual Communication and Design office was gracious enough to help me. The prof for my Drawing Fundamentals I class went over the syllabus, so you imagine how boring that was. The man said "In this class, you will depend on realism in your drawings; not imagination." I'm sitting there thinking "Well, I'm screwed." LOL. I tend to defy reality in my every day life. Ask any of my friends. DEFY! Lulz. Anyway, after my drawing class, I went with a few friends to United Art and Education for art supplies. I bought a new portfolio. It's cloth and has a shoulder strap. *luvs* Of course, carrying it may prove dangerous. I think I hit a few civilians with it. LOL. Anyway, I got into Photography Fundamentals I. This was the class I was looking forward to - being a Photography major. The professor seems like a nice guy, however, he also likes to draw things out. After explaining the syllabus (for two hours) he decides to throw in a quick History of Photography special. So... sleepy... Diet Coke does not help! Finally, I arrived home. My friends from Anime Club were going to see Stardust. However, being as exhausted as I was, I passed out. It wasn't a good day for me. x.X

Then, I woke up at 4 AM and couldn't go back to sleep. I am being fueled by Diet Coke as I type. Yeah... it's not even the second day of school for me and I'm already dead. x.X

I think this is an omen o.o
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