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...Men love in haste, but they detest at leisure

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I feel really stupid right now. I told a guy that I had feeligs for him in October. Finally, out of curiousity, I asked him if we were boyfriend and girlfriend. He tells me that he just wants to be friends. You know, if he didn't want to start anything, he could've said something in October, rather than waiting five months, giving me enough time to believe there was something. I feel stupid, and manipulated.
Oh well...
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I am finally registered on gaia. It only took me about two years, but I finally registered. XD. I am Kitaaaaa. My character is deliciously goth, sporting the starter skull shirt with baggy jeans. I am currently in pursuit for the paper cat ears. (Cat ears = Instant power!) I shall work towards an avatar of pure insanity, in honor of the username I selected.
I am currently debating on a cosplay for Ikasucon. I'm thinking something from Silent Hill, but then again, this will be a small con so a character from a popular series could be best. Or maybe a generic catgirl maid. *shrug*
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I had a great time at Ohayocon. I spent a lot of time in the Dealer's Room and the Artist Alley. I met a few nice people in the Artist Alley who were willing to talk to me about art. (Yay!) This was the first convention when I spent more money on art than merchandise in the dealer's room. I am glad to support my fellow artists. (If you can see I am one. *cry*).

I got my grades for Fall 2006 while at Ohayocon. I have an A in 3d design (that surprised me), A in sociology, A in english practicum (because my placement test scores sucked ass), B in composition and B in psychology. I have no idea how I managed to get an A in my three-dimensional design. I guess he really liked the wire Zombie Cat I made. *shrug*

Right now, I am taking ancient literature, europeon history since 1600, two-dimensional design (yay), speech communication and child psychology. For my literature class, I have to write two 1000 word papers (that doesn't sound so bad) but my teacher seems flat. Then again, it was just the first day. Hopefully, she'll act more lively today when discussing the Iliad.

For my history class, I have to write two 3-5 page book reviews on All Quite on the Western Front and on Broken April. Today we will be discussing the Reformation. Sadly, I couldn't read the chapter. It was so dry that I couldn't concentrate. x.X

I am looking forward to two-dimensional design. This professor seems nice. Additionally, it looks like I'll be able to get along with more students in this class than I did in my three dimensional design class. (They were asses). I'm also excited because I had to buy a huge drawing pad which means I needed to buy one of those huge portfolio carriers. Glee. I feel like a real art student. ^^.

Speech Communication doesn't look insanely difficult. I have to give a 4-6 demonstrative speech, 5-7 oral presentation supporting a point of view, 20-25 in which I must review a movie, tv program, web site, magazine etc. In this speech, I have to analyze the way the messages transmit eaning, how they are received etc. The 20-25 speech may be difficult, but it's not until the mid-late April.

I am going to like Child Psychology. The professor is fun and she makes the subject interesting. Additionally, the information itself is intriguing.

This is the first time this school year when I've had more female professors than male. (The only male professor I have is for history).
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w00t! Finals are almost finished!

I received my portfolio back from my professor yesterday. I have a B in english. In english, I discovered that I cannot write an academic paper to save my life. Luckily, my professor told me that "Writing fiction and writing an academic paper are two entirely different things. I have known people who could write brilliant fiction but wrote horrible academic papers" w00t! There is hope!

I just finished my psychology final, which was fairly easy. It was finished within 30 minutes, a task which I am regretting now. However, I am confident (or at least wishing) that I did well on that exam. This exam covered social psychology and psychological disorders (I enjoyed both chapters btw). I'll probably get an A or B in the class. If I aced this test, I'd get an A. If I earned a B (which I usually do on these tests) then I'll have a B in the class. It depends.

In approximately 90 minutes from now, I shall take the sociology exam. Most of the sociology exams are simple. I usually get As, with one excemption (and it was because my essay sucked... horribly). Hopefully, I'll get an A, or a B.

My 3d design class from Hell shall end soon. I just have to give my professor the final project tomorrow. I'm making a zombie cat "bank" (with an adjustable head). He said I could incorporate one of my comic books characters, and I chose zombie cat. I'm not sure whether this will fulfill the criteria or not, but dude. Zombie Cat. (It's called "Hybrid Wire Form". Basically, I needed to combine two or more objects together. The form has to be made of wire and a skin which is paper in my case. Tissue paper) I'll get a B.

On a separate note, I am going to start working on a few comic books. I had an idea for a short story involving Pooky, the zombie child. I'm debating if I should make it a narrative poem or not.
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It's been awhile since I've last posted here, so I thought I'd make a dramatic comeback.

I'm going to be a busy girl this week. I have a 2-3 Psychology paper on prejudice in America, a 3-4 page Sociology paper on social distance. Both of them are due Thursday. I told myself I was going to write my psychology paper the minute my english class was finished, but I just can't think of anything to say. I'm so tired. I think I'm going to wait until I get home tonight to write it. Then I'll have access to my sociology book for a quick reference. I have no idea how to go about writing my sociology paper; I sent an email to my sociology professor. I hope she gets it really good. I'm hoping to have both papers finished tomorrow, thus giving me a few days to write a 3 page draft for my research paper on Silent Hill. I asked the library to email a few articles related to my topic to me and I have yet to receive them. I hope I get them quickly. Time is of the essence.

On a separate note, I did finish a design project. We were told to make a light fixure using posterboard. If I remember, I'll get the picture I took of it up. (I'm on the school's computer and I don't have access to a scanner). I think it looks cool. I hope the professor likes it too. I'm starting to think I'm not an artist and I'm wondering if I should look into other fields to find another major. I thought I was a decent artist, but... I don't know.

I registered for spring courses this morning. I'm taking two dimensional design, history of western civilization, literature, introduction to computers and child psychology. Also, when I am able to, I'm going to change my major to "Art Education".

I need to find out when to send my application to Bloomington. I know the registration deadlines, I just need an honest opinion rather than a half assed email like I received the last time. x.X
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I took my first college exam today. I hope I did well. x.X

My duck lamp for three dimensional design was a success though. I received a few comments on the placement of my project, and a few people thought my clay duck was cute.

Rachel: *gleee* ^.^

I bought a container of plaster today. 8lbs. Oh boy. It's going to be fun dragging around along the campus </sarcasm>

* * *
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