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Sanity · is · overrated

I think I just failed my history test...

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My professor gave everyone a study guide with 70 words to define. On our tests, he gives us 9 words and we have to identify 5 of the 9. The 9 words can be any of the words on the 70 word list. I answered most of the definitions, with the exception of a handfull of words I couldn't identify. Guess which words were on my test?

I swear-80% of the words I couldn't find were on that damn test.

We also had to answer an essay question on either the French revolution or nationalism. I didn't remember the phases of the French Revolution so I decided to asnwer nationalism, only to discover that I barely knew anything about nationalism. Eep.

If I do bomb the test, I'll have to be sure to ace the next paper and the final. Blah.

On a separate note, spring... where did you go? ;_;

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