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Sanity · is · overrated

Well, I'm going out of town this weekend

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My mother and I are going to Ohio to visit my grandmother, and my uncle. My uncle's cancer is returning, and the doctors don't think he can recover from it again...

The whole situation is frightening. I mean, after this weekend, there's a possibility that I'll never see him again. It scares me. Just typing about it is making my chest hurt. You know, I've never claimed to fear death, but with my uncle's health hanging in the balance, suddenly I'm terrified. It also makes me question whether I'm living my own life to the fullest. I should really start working on all the comics I had wanted. I'm constantly talking about comics, yet I rarely have finished pieces to show. ^^;;

Well, it feels good to get these things off my chest. I just hope I am strong when facing my uncle

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