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Sanity · is · overrated

So, I've been looking at the schedule of classes for Spring 2008.…

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So, I've been looking at the schedule of classes for Spring 2008. I'm thinking of General Geology, Bioanthropology, 14th-contemporary art history, music for the listener (music appreciation) and social psychology. I want to get a bunch of general studies out of the way before my transfer. Then again, I think I should wait until I talk to a representative in Bloomington before I make any decisions for spring. I know I really need to take two more science courses and art history for my major. (That and art history is awesome sauce!)
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On October 1st, 2007 10:09 pm (UTC), zrana commented:
I took general geology. I liked it and found it easy. It was basically a review of various geology/earth-science classes I had in highschool. My prof was Crow, and he was amusing. At least to me. I nearly never studied, just stayed awake in class and passed easily. Others failed miserably because they didn't pay attention. (I mean, the guy let us take two sheets of blank paper and put as many notes on them as we could fit, hand written, with us for tests. And he practically made our notes for us as print outs of his power points. And then people accused HIM of cheating when he flipped a side of a graph from the text--to try and catch us off guard, it was still labeled properly for how he did it--because they didn't notice the change. This is COLLEGE people! x.x Um... rambling done.)

Art history is a heavy course in what you need to devote to your brain. The prof I had for it (blanking out on name, but he also does some of the sculture classes and is a department head or something like that) didn't allow notes with the tests. It's suggested to take the early half first, and then continue to the one you want to take. I might still have my books if they are still the same ones being used though. =D I liked the class well enough, I just suck at names and dates--which are very important. I started making notes in sections in date order. Artists in this period, an artwork they did, and when, and used that as a drill before a test. I did much better on my later tests after I started doing that.
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