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Sanity · is · overrated

Now that midterms are out of the way...

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... it's time for me to start my own cosplays! =D

I found the perfect wig for King Van (from Escaflowne). I'm not on my own computer so I can't post the picture, but it does require a bit of cutting. His costume isn't difficult - a red vest shirt, cream pants, a few brown belts, creme ties on the shirt and a sword (the difficult part). I would like the finish this costume before Halloween then display the cosplay at Ohayocon. I'm a little tempted to make a small Hitomi doll to carry with me, but that'll have to wait. I wish I could do the wings, but I think it would be too difficult. D=

The other costume I want to do is Seto Kaiba. One of my friends is planning a Yugi cosplay and another is thinking about cosplaying as Yugi's grandpa... whatever his name was. XD. I'm not sure which one of his outfits I want to make. Well, I have plenty of time to wait I guess. My friend doing the Yugi cosplay is waiting until ACen to showcase her awesomeness so I may as well.
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On October 19th, 2007 12:54 am (UTC), terminafairy commented:
Well, if not ACen, he can't escape from going to Ikasucon D=
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