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So close... today I have my bioanthropology and art history final. I'm nervous about bioanthropology because this is 60% of my grade. I have an A now, but it could crumble with this test. No pressure, right? x.X

My final grade for literary interpretation is up. B. Not too bad considering how lazy I was with it. I read probably 50% of the stories I was suppose to read... Heh...

I'm positive I aced my history of rock & roll exam. *crosses fingers for an A*.

My final projects for digital art are finished. My Sweeney Todd self portrait poster was too big to fit on my flash drive so I'm hoping they'll be able to print it off of a DVD. I hope that'll work out later today.

I also have my art history final today. I'm not too worried about that though. Art history is one of my best fields. Sometimes I wonder if I should just be an art history major. *shrug* Who knows what life throws at me.

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